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Jamie Montague Callister

Stephen Jones composing


Point of Arrival

A passion for sound led composer Stephen Jones to a coveted spot on one of the music world’s premiere stages.

Buck Mckeon


In the Footsteps of History

BYU's seven alumni in the U.S. Congress have been driven by their values and their desires to serve.



Six Bites of BYU

In reviews of six campus restaurants, the BYU Magazine staff offers tips for sampling BYU’s array of culinary choices.


For the Public Good

The lessons Carolina Núñez learns in law school quickly find a place in people's lives.

A Mentoring Hand
Fall 2003
At a Spanish Golden Age theater festival, a BYU student understudies a new role.
Adventures Abroad
Fall 2003
For BYU students, the world is truly our campus. Share your humorous or poignant experiences abroad.
Lifting Hands
Summer 2003
Social work student Ruth Campbell fortifies her community through service and compassion.
War Stories: Bird Out of Water
Summer 2003
Laura Dowding Leseberg is an ROTC office specialist at BYU and waits her daughter Sarah's return from Kuwait.
War Stories: A Newcomer to Motherhood
Summer 2003
Keith W. Newcomer, '03, has been correcting his daughter for months now, but she still calls him "Mommy."
Navy Pilot Perishes Over Iraq
Summer 2003
Lt. Nathan D. White flew an F/A-18 C Hornet in the U.S. Navy and was killed when his jet was shot down over Iraq.
War Stories: Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Groom
Summer 2003
All is not fair in love and war.
Expressing Truth and Beauty
Spring 2003
Bulgarian editor and graphic designer Maria Ilieva shares her voice with many audiences.