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Erin Johnston Goulding

Dave Vance stands on the red TEDxBYU stage, gesturing emphatically to his audience.


10 Years of TEDxBYU

BYU’s Ballard Center celebrated the tenth anniversary of TEDxBYU. See the top ten TEDxBYU speeches of the decade.

Three books are stacked on top of each other; a small black book, a medium-sized white book, and a large yellow book. The covers are embossed with intricate designs.


Judging a Book by Its Cover

Artist Abby deWitt captures the beauty of Elie Wiesel’s Night trilogy through her award-winning cover designs.

A heat map with markers on each of the areas where BYU Learning Suite was most commonly logged into.


When COVID-19 Struck

A winter semester like no other—with events canceled, classes online, grading adjusted, and social lives disrupted.

An abstract painting with bright colors and wild shapes and patterns.


Playing With Pattern

This multimedia art show is full of bright colors, interesting shapes, and pieces of art that break the rules.

Your Iñapari Family Tree
Spring 2020
Only four people in the world still speak this language, but now you can too!
A Building Just for Music
Spring 2020
BYU’s School of Music is welcoming a new facility, with construction beginning in the spring of 2020.