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Coleman S. Numbers

An oat plant in the BYU greenhouse grown by scientists who mapped the oat genome


The G’OAT 

BYU scientists helped sequence the entire oat genome.

A woman in a purple turtleneck clutches a megaphone to her chest, glancing timidly at a cluster of floating, disembodied heads that surround her and fix her with judgmental gazes.


Innovation Zone

Innovation means validating others as well as brutal honesty, say BYU business professors.

Two BYU Speeches translations students, a man and a woman, pose by a podium in the Marriott Center.


Every Nation, Kindred, and Tongue

BYU Speeches goes trilingual with Japanese and Spanish translations.

A glowing gold figure stands on a stone column overlooking a dark forest, gazing towards a tall, double-spired transparent structure on the horizon.


Silent Guard

BYU's animation capstone students win big awards for their latest project—a video game about herding sheep.

Summer 2023
BYU Photo director Jaren S. Wilkey (BA ’01) captured a dream image: a football player bursting through a pane of glass.
Hard Science
Spring 2023
Geology 105: Diamonds and Gems isn’t your standard GE science class.
Sorry Not Sorry, Coach
Spring 2023
Casey A. Clinger ('23) shatters a 38-year old distance running record held by none other than his own coach.
A Shaman at BYU
Spring 2023
BYU anthropology graduate student and Hmong shaman Yang Vang shares how he's working at BYU to preserve his culture.
Big Moves
Spring 2023
Sami Layadi's ('25) pandemic binge-watch was CBS's Survivor. A couple years later, he became a cast member.
Best Foot Forward
Spring 2023
Two BYU students teamed up to design and test an upgraded medical boot.
Cat Cousins
Spring 2023
A faculty-undergraduate duo become the first to sequence the clouded leopard genome.