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Carri P. Jenkins


Homecoming ’95 to Honor Sowers of Seeds

This year’s activities will revolve around the theme, “Sowing Our Destiny.”

Students in their graduation robes walking up the spiral ramp on campus.


Streamlining the System

When President Lee found it was taking students an average of 6 years to graduate, he knew changes needed to be made.

President Monson with shovels


Construction Begins on New Joseph F. Smith Building

At the ground-breaking ceremony May 16, President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the site for the Joseph F. Smith building.

folk dancers


The Fruit of BYU

Students, Faculty, and alumni all helped present BYU to the world.

Students Find BYU Challenging, Supportive
Spring 2002
BYU exceeds the benchmarks set by 470 institutions across the nation.
National Education Survey Reveals Y’s Strengths, Weaknesses
Spring 2001
BYU is exploring new ways of measuring student learning and institutional effectiveness.
BYU Establishes Service and Learning Center
Fall 1999
“We want our students to view service not as a one-time activity but as a life-long commitment.”
New AD, VPs: Hale, Roger, and Lewis Given New Responsibilities
Fall 1999
The university underwent several key administrative changes during the summer.
Men’s Gymnastics and Wrestling Teams Cut from Y Roster
Summer 1999
One thing is for sure, the teams weren't cut for lack of talent.
Kay B. Franz: Opening the Doors of Science
Summer 1997
This professor helps women succeed in science at BYU.
Downsizing or Dumbsizing
Spring 1997
Having people gainfully employed and doing productive work is one step in the right direction.
Playing, Not Checklists, Gets Children Ready for School
Fall 1996
Studies show that well structured play helps children learn far more than simple drilling of skills.
Homecoming ’96 to Echo Truths from David O. McKay
Summer 1996
David O. McKay taught that education is “America’s most precious asset."
Internet Site Helps Fathers Hone Parenting Skills
Summer 1996
FatherWork is a collection of real-life stories gathered from men throughout the last three years by BYU.
Chew on This: Bytes Can’t Do It All
Spring 1996
The pure theory of BPR is to design a new system that is not bound by the old system.