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Homecoming ’95 to Honor Sowers of Seeds

In 1876, when Karl G. Maeser was named principal of the year-old Brigham Young Academy with its 29 students, he had little idea that he would spend the next 15 years in abject poverty. Yet even when given the chance, he would not leave, maintaining: “I must remain and do my part.”

Since that “insignificant” beginning, there have been hundreds of men and women who have shared President Maeser’s fortitude and love for BYU. Homecoming 1995 presents an opportunity to honor each of them.

With this in mind, this year’s activities (running Oct. 24–28) will revolve around the theme, “Sowing Our Destiny.”

“It was Thomas Carlyle who once said, ‘All work is as seed sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew,’” says George Bowie, chair of the Homecoming Executive Committee. “President Maeser, as well as the many other men and women like him, understood this concept. They were willing to plant the seeds of hope in the most dire of circumstances, knowing that they might never see the fruit of their labors. Yet they had the faith to know that someone, somewhere, would benefit from their work and would, in turn, repay the debt.”

As a tribute to all the seeds he planted, the university has selected President Maeser as the honoree for this year’s Founders Day (Oct. 24). Opening ceremonies will begin at 11 A.M. in the Marriott Center and are open to all alumni, students, and members of the community.

“There really is no more fitting way to begin Homecoming than with the Founders Day celebration,” says Ron Clark, a member of the Homecoming Executive Committee. “With the Cougar Marching Band leading the way, this event is sure to plant the ‘spirit of the Y’ in everyone who attends.”

Building on this same spirit, the 1995 Homecoming Spectacular promises to be an “incredible” show, says Michael G. Handley, producer of the event. “All of the very best BYU has to offer will be joined together for this one spectacular evening.”

The Ballroom Dance Company will be premiering a new medley, with music from Les Misérables especially recorded for this number. The Young Ambassadors will also be presenting a favorite from their touring show, Tapestry—Weaving the Colors of Life. In addition, BYU’s acclaimed jazz ensemble, Synthesis, will be performing, along with the ever-popular Panoramic Steel Band.

Highlighting the show will be the Men’s Chorus, which will perform an original arrangement by Director Mack Wilberg.

To complement the show, this year’s Spectacular will feature a brand-new set reminiscent of downtown Provo in 1910. “It’s a romanticized setting of what Provo—or any town for that matter—looked like 80 years ago,” says Handley. “In preparing this set, we looked closely at all the old photographs we had of downtown Provo and at the architecture during that time. It really was a pretty place, as you will see.”

Homecoming Spectacular will begin at 7:30 P.M. in the Marriott Center. Tickets will go on sale for $8 and $7 beginning Sept. 25 at the Marriott Center Ticket Office, (801) 378-BYU1, or 1-800-322-BYU1.

Prior to Friday’s show there will be a Homecoming barbecue, complete with foot-stompin’ entertainment, from 5:30 to 7 P.M. in the Ellsworth Center. The barbecue will be catered by the Department of Animal Science and the Block and Bridle Club, says Roy Brinkerhoff, assistant director of alumni activities.

“This is not only going to be a great meal—after all, these people are used to cooking for hungry cowboys and know what a large portion truly is—but it’s going to be a fun social event as well,” says Brinkerhoff.

Tickets for the barbecue are available through Alumni Activities, 229 Alumni House, BYU, Provo, UT 84602, (801) 378-6746 or 1-800-437-4663, ext. 6746.

This year’s Homecoming theme will be reflected in a number of other activities, including an essay contest and Career Connections. Sponsored by the Student Alumni Association, Career Connections is not intended to be a job-seeking venture. Instead, it gives students a chance to meet with BYU alumni for 15 minutes in one-on-one sessions to discuss with them their chosen careers. If you would like to participate in this event, which will be on Friday, Oct. 27, from 8 A.M. until noon, please call Heidi Hess at 1-800-437-4663, ext. 7621.

In addition, throughout the week there will be a number of other activities, including the Honored Alumni Lecture Series, reunion activities, and BYUSA’s Children’s Festival. The lecture series is held in each college at 11 A.M. on Thursday, Oct. 26.

On Saturday, Oct. 28, the Homecoming parade will begin at 8:30 A.M. The football game will follow at noon with BYU facing the University of Hawaii. Any available football tickets for single games will go on sale Aug. 21. Football ticket packages, however, are now on sale at the Marriott Center Ticket Office, (801) 378-BYU1;

    —Carri P. Jenkins