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Brooklyn Hughes Roemer

Professor Jacob Rawlins tops glass bowls of homemade ice cream with waffle chips.


The Classroom Scoop

The sweet taste and punny names of editing professor Jacob Rawlins's homemade ice cream bring flavor to his classroom.

On a stage during a live performance of the Fiddler on the Roof, a female student sits in the foreground holding a violin, gazing at an actor in the background speaking to an audience


Sunrise, Sunset

BYU students perform Fiddler on the Roof, the last musical presented in the de Jong Concert Hall.

Student Chloe Burkey shifts through Mesoamerican greenstone figurines, looking for forgeries


Learning from Forgeries

Recent anthropology grad Chloe D. Burkey has been hunting for fakes and she's found quite a few.

An old Woman's Exponent newspaper ad for a sewing machine.


Back-Page History

A Salt Lake newspaper run by women in the 1800s shows the career, education, and lifestyle opportunities for Utah's fron

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