Top 10 BYU Magazine Stories of 2016
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Top 10 BYU Magazine Stories of 2016

What was the most popular BYU Magazine story of the year? Kalani Sitake, Ty Detmer, and the rest of the new coaching staff were contenders, as was the tabernacle turned temple, the Cougar Olympian who took sixth in the marathon, and some of the best devotionals of the year.

Wend your way through our 10 most-read, best-liked stories of 2016 to get to no. 1.

10. The Y’s Guys

The new BYU football coaching staff
Photo by Bradley Slade

Former players and lifelong fans, the new coaching staff is embracing the challenges and opportunities of Cougar football’s next chapter. Read the story.

9.The Power of Not Knowing

Two bicyclists take a chance on an unknown jump.
Illustration by Red Nose Studio

In leadership and in life, what you don’t know might just help you, says alumna and New York Times bestselling author Liz Wiseman. Read the story.

8. The Long Run

Jared Ward runs across the Salt Flats
Photo by Bradley Slade

Adversity turned Jared Ward to the marathon. Smarts and grit propelled him to the finish—and to the Olympics. Read the story.

7. A Last Breath of Witness

Elie Wiesel, pictured sitting on a couch, delivered this forum at BYU in 1985.
Photo by Abbott/Getty Images

Haunted by his memories of the Holocaust, survivor Eliezer Wiesel became an outspoken defender of oppressed people everywhere. The Nobel Peace Prize and BYU honorary doctorate recipient passed away in July 2016. Read his BYU forum remarks.

6. Real Men Get Help

Photo of men with mental-health concerns
In changing men’s attitudes about addressing mental-health concerns, the biggest influence may come from other men who open up about getting help for their own challenges. Photo by Bradley Slade, posed by models.

Not seeking treatment for mental-health issues is a mistake. Read the story.

5. Loyal Strong and True

Photo courtesy Amy Felix Stewart

In one alum’s memory, fall and football are inseparable from father. Read the essay.

4. God Will Use You, God Will Bless You

Typographic treatment of pull quote: "Don't you know that since the beginning of time our Heavenly Father has reached out to those who were average?"
Illustration by Olivia Juarez Knudsen

If you give your heart to God and walk in faith and compassion, He will use you in ways you cannot now imagine. Read the devotional.

3. Of Beehives, Books, and Bricks

A shot of the Provo City Center Temple withe the windows lit at dusk
Photo by Bradley Slade

For more than 100 years, the Provo Tabernacle partnered with BYU to bring the community together for academic, cultural, and spiritual gatherings. Now, as the Provo City Center Temple, the structure has a new assignment. Read the story.

2. The Return of the King

A king standing in a forest.
Illustration by Matt Saunders

In a time of waning faith, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien invited readers to take courage and join in the last battle. Read the devotional.

1. Strangers No More

Figurines crossing a map of Europe, representing the Syrian refugee movement
Photo illustration by Bradley Slade

In her work with refugees in Germany, an alumna discovers that all stories connect if you follow them deep enough. Read the story.