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Nathan N. Waite


The Master’s Hand

Once forgotten by the art world, Carl Bloch has again risen to prominence—this time on BYU campus.



Steadfast German Saints

BYU researchers uncover the suffering and faith of steadfast German Saints in the midst of World War II.


Signs of Success

This BYU gymnast deftly—and deafly—tackles the uneven bars.

Ray Smith playing a saxophone


A Ray of Jazz

Band director and performer of dozens of instruments—Ray Smith has combined his talents to make space for jazz at BYU.

Seven Classes You’ve Never Heard Of
Summer 2007
Here are some classes you might not have expected at BYU.
Finding What’s Missing
Spring 2007
A BYU students uses her native Spanish to do genealogy.
Cougars Sighted at Sundance
Spring 2007
At the Sundance Film Festival in January, BYU's film turned heads.
Ask an Expert: More About Trees
Spring 2007
The complete interview with BYU's head arbologist.
Filling Her Own Bookshelves
Spring 2007
When her school doesn’t have a book a student is looking for, Bateman is liable to just write it.
Ask an Expert: Tree Treatment
Spring 2007
Darrington fell in love with trees working on a student landscaping crew. Now he shares his well-earned knowledge.