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Lia Ludlam

Fifth-grader Link Roper stretches a nylon sock filled with bananas in Anatomy Academy in his classroom.


Squishy Service

BYU students teach elementary students how to combat obesity and live healthy lifestyles in fun, creative ways.

Photo of f limes and a lemon in a biodegradable plastic bag


Biodegradable Bag

BYU students created a biodegradable plastic alternative for grocery bags made out of shrimp and fungi parts.

Chetty Pino stands surrounded by three of her buddies in the BYU Bowling Alley.


The Best of Buddies

Chetty Pino, the longest-standing buddy in BYU’s chapter of Best Buddies International, knows how to be a real friend.

Three theater students, playing the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Caterpillar, in costume for Wonderland.


A Tale of Two Alices

When the lead of a play got laryngitis, she and her understudy found a way to share the role.

Saving Cambodian Stories
Winter 2019
An oral history project unites families and uncovers the past by helping Cambodians record and document their stories.
What Makes a Place Home?
Winter 2019
Media professor Brad Barber scours the country for answers in his documentary series, States of America.
Tax Records and Temples
Winter 2019
An emeritus BYU math professor has unlocked a door to Indian family history.
All-American Mom
Fall 2018
All-American XC runner Erica Birk-Jarvis returns after a yearlong hiatus with record-breaking times and . . . baby Jack.