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Julie H. Walker


Molecular Biologist Presents New Findings on Genetics and Obesity

Rowe’s study is the first to pinpoint genetic markers that correspond to differences in metabolic rate.


Disease Outbreaks Result of World Change, Researcher Says

Because of ecological and environmental change, humans are coming into contact with viruses that are new to scientists.

Mark Belk and Allen Phelps


Hoppy Days Are Here Again

BYU researchers work to help bring a frog species back from the brink of extinction.

liturgical text


BYU Digitizes Ancient Christian Texts from Vatican Library

A collection of rare Christian manuscripts will soon be accessible to scholars worldwide.

Strong Marriages Need More Than Romance
Spring 2003
Jeffry Larson says romantic love is just one component of a successful marriage.
A Library of Mud and Ashes
Spring 2001
Herculaneum scrolls are being excavated from volcanic ash, where they have been miraculously preserved for 2,000 years.
New Center for Remote Sensing Research
Summer 2000
BYU's center will coordinate and support studies of the earth's atmosphere, climate, and environment.
BYUTV Network Launched
Summer 2000
KBYU Television has created a new national network—BYUTV.
Archaeologists Find Evidence of Ball Playing in Ancient America
Fall 1998
Researchers have found the oldest-known ball court in ancient America.
Sandra Rogers: Reflections of Brother-and Sisterhood
Summer 1998
Rogers willingly serves on the front liens of conflicts that endanger both body and heart.
Wilford M. Hess: Studying the Fungus among Us
Spring 1998
Wilford M. Hess, a professor of botany and range science, looks at fungus and other small parts of our big world.
Preliminary Tests Suggest Caffeine May Aid Cancer Cells
Spring 1998
BYU microbiologist Kim O'Neill has worked to test the effect of caffeine on cancer cells.
A Lullaby a Day May Keep the Doctor Away
Winter 1998
New research suggests that simple melodies may also shorten hospital stays for newborn intensive-care patients.
Professor and Samoan Chief Awarded for Saving Rain Forest
Summer 1997
In April, a BYU professor was honored with the world’s top award for grassroots environmentalism.
Researchers Report Universe’s First Space “Geyser”
Winter 1996
BYU assistant professor J. Ward Moody is making new discoveries about space.
Earth With Her 9,999 Flowers
Winter 1996
Remarkable wildflowers survive in the intense heat of Southern Utah.