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Emma J. Ebert

A woman interacts with an autistic boy via a computer animation of a talking fish.


Scales and Talking Skills

Professors and students at BYU are working to help kids with autism learn social skills . . . through a fish.

Camdyn Roberts is pictured standing next to the basketball hoop with a big smile on her face.


Dunking Queen

Camdyn Roberts makes history by becoming the BYU dunk team’s first female member.

A map showing the trail Ty Hopkins biked from Canada to New Mexican–Mexican border. Starting in Banff, Cananda, Hopkins rode down through Montana, along the Idaho border, then through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.


16 Days in the Saddle

Exercise-science professor Ty Hopkins finished the Tour Divide bike race in 16 days, biking 2,725 miles.

One of the Cougarettes holds herself parallel to the ground with one arm, the other arm resting on her head.


Reppin’ the USA

The Cougarettes represented the USA in hip-hop at the World Cheerleading Championships.

Claiming Confidence
Summer 2019
Seven pregnant dancers at BYU joined together in dance, claiming their identities as both dancers and mothers.
Rome Rocks
Spring 2019
Representing the 12 tribes, various stones from BYU’s collections are featured in a mural at the Rome temple complex.
Exceptional Employees
Spring 2019
BYU's annual University Conference honors campus employees for their outstanding service, scholarship, and abilities.
Translating Christianity
Spring 2019
A lifetime working with his favorite author has led Gessel to translate novels and act as literary consultant on a film.
BYU No. 3 for Foreign-Language Degrees
Spring 2019
BYU ranks no. 3 in producing foreign-language degrees with no. 1 rankings in Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.