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Caroline Bliss Larsen


Find Your Relatives

Do you ever wonder who you might be related to?

A large tree, a gate, and the Nuavoo House.


Nauv-Who? The Average Citizens of Nauvoo

Learn about the lives of lesser known individuals who still played a great part in Nauvoo.

Schnozosaurus Rex


Schnozosaurus Rex

Scheetz's latest discovery is known for its massive nose.

Amy Adams


History in the Stitches

A dressing gown donned by Kate Winslet in Finding Neverland is now on display in the MOA.

Simpler, Brighter, Stronger
Summer 2014
A MOA exhibit featured 40 paintings depicting desert beauty and Native American culture.
M Is for Service
Summer 2014
Each blue tennis ball filling the giant M represents one hour of service.