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M Is for Service

By Caroline Bliss Larsen (’15)

M is for service blue tennis ball

Each blue tennis ball filling the giant M represents one hour of service.
Photos by Bradley Slade

In 1988 BYU’s School of Management took on a world-renowned moniker—Marriott. To celebrate its 25th birthday, the Marriott School challenged students, alumni, and faculty to give 25,000 hours of service. They reached their goal in April, just in time for graduation. Here are 25 ways they rose to the challenge:

1. Led a Book of Mormon read-a-thon for youth

2. Practiced English with nonnative speakers via Skype

3. Took notes for classmates with learning disabilities

4. Coached and refereed youth sports

5. Helped a friend budget

6. Decorated doors of rest-home residents for Halloween

7. Repaired a roof

8. Installed AC for a friend

9. Helped with search-and-rescue efforts

10. Created costumes for a ballroom dance company

11. Organized a Halloween carnival for more than 200 neighborhood kids

12. Visited an aunt in jail

13. Mentored students about job interviews and résumés

14. Prepared tax returns for low-income taxpayers

15. Assisted a neighbor with employment issues

16. Built a table for someone else

17. Made temple-shaped cookies to celebrate a friend’s endowment

18. Helped an elderly neighbor with estate planning

19. Volunteered at the Sacred Gifts exhibit

20. Acted in a play about black Mormon pioneers

21. Taught free yoga classes

22. Supported a friend at addiction-recovery meetings

23. Taught computer skills to senior citizens

24. Prepared homes for refugees from Bhutan

25. Provided free dental care to low-income individuals

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