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Avery J. Dustin

A girl scout troop in Utah.


Stronger Together

Two BYU alumni banded together with friends to form a Salt Lake City–based Scout troop for refugee girl.

Erika Burton (right) holds a little girl alongside another nurse holding a child.


Dreams Realized

Across oceans and decades, an alumna wouldn’t let go of her dreams.

Dr. Adam Schow sings to a patient.


The Singing Doctor

Good voice or not, an anesthesiologist brings his patients peace.

Alexandria Scott stands with her first issue of Ditto Kids magazine.


Ditto to That

A new magazine teaches kids to appreciate the differences.

Going Full Circle
Spring 2021
The Peterson kids got a tour of the local recycling plant, where their dad, Rick, works.
The Middleman
Spring 2021
When Winter Storm Uri covered Texas in snow, a stake president forgot himself and coordinated efforts to serve others.
Give a Little More
Spring 2021
Read how four returned missionaries founded a charity to give back to the Bolivians who changed their lives.
Going Forth: Love and Literacy, Music, and Sight for the Colorblind
Winter 2021
Tiffany Ivins Spence sees dignity and divinity in people everywhere. Read how she and other alums go forth to serve.
Going Forth: Family Dancing, Rescue Flights, and Art by the Blind
Fall 2020
BYU alumni put their talents to use on the dance stage, in the rescue-plane cockpit, and in a classroom for the blind.
Going Forth: Song of Service, the Art of Teaching, and Special Deliveries
Summer 2020
Daniel Wallentine hoped to make it big on Broadway. When that didn't pan out, he used his voice in NYC to serve.
Intersections of Identity
Summer 2019
A BYU alumna manages to defy easy categorization as she finds ways to embrace the different aspects of her identity.