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Jennifer Jones


Portraits of Influence

A Museum of Art exhibit examines the art of the Weir family, which expanded the traditions of American art.


Law and Lunches

BYU law professor RonNell Andersen Jones passes on to her students lessons she learned at the Supreme Court.


Olympic Powers

Come summer, swim coach Tim Powers will have seen 17 of his Cougars compete in the Olympics.

Do Utahns Talk Funny?
Winter 2012
Yep. And BYU research shows that they are not alone.
A New Heritage
Winter 2012
The newest home-away-from-home for BYU students was designed to help students flourish.
A Star Historian
Fall 2011
BYU history professor Mark I. Choate was on duty with the U.S. Special Operations Command in southern Afghanistan.
Get Well Soon
Fall 2011
A Richards Building racquetball court has been transformed into a spinning room, complete with 40 cycles.
No Luck in Rio
Summer 2011