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An illustration by Anthony Sweat of two pioneer girls sitting back to back studying scriptures.
Pioneer Girls by Anthony Sweat

To supplement the 2021 Come, Follow Me curriculum, Anthony R. Sweat, associate chair of the Church History and Doctrine Department, shares his recommendations for a deeper study of Doctrine and Covenants history.

1. Some of the best “hidden” resources are in the Church’s Gospel Library app: Revelations in Context, Joseph Smith’s Revelations: A Doctrine and Covenants Study Companion from the Joseph Smith Papers, and Doctrine and Covenants Historical Resources.

The cover images for the book "Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling," the podcast "Y Religion," and the book "Revelations in Context."
Rough Stone Rolling courtesy of Alfred A. Knopf; Y Religion courtesy of the BYU Religious Studies Center; Revelations in Context courtesy of Intellectual Reserve

2. Sweat recommends the Y Religion podcast, where BYU religion professors discuss various topics. Dive in with these episodes: No. 2 “Women and Priesthood,” No. 4 “Remembering the First Vision,” No. 17 “The Missouri ‘Danites,’” No. 24 “Joseph Smith’s Growing Understanding of the Eternal Family,” and No. 28 “God’s Voice to His Daughters in D&C 25.”

3. A classic on early Church history, says Sweat, is Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman.

In addition to teaching, Anthony Sweat uses his Church-history lens in his paintings, including Pioneer Girls. Watch a video below about how various historical accounts contributed to his portrayal of the First Vision.

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