A photo of the set of The Chosen tv series, filmed at the Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah.
Photo by Matt Barr

Forty-five minutes south of BYU campus sits Jerusalem—or a re-creation of a good portion of the ancient city. The set takes center stage in season two of The Chosen—the largest crowdfunded TV production of all time. ¶ Viewed by nearly 50 million people in more than 180 countries, the TV series “could very easily be the most watched production ever on the life of Jesus Christ,” says Michael A. Dunn, BYU Broadcasting managing director. He and VidAngel CEO Neal S. Harmon (BA ’01, MS ’02) worked out an agreement with series creator Dallas Jenkins to film at the Jerusalem set. ¶ The Chosen airs on BYUtv, telling the story of “everyday people whose lives were unexpectedly, completely changed by one Man,” says Jenkins.

Watch The Chosen at byutv.org.

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