Diné (Navajo) Photographer Eugene Tapahe’s Captures Healing
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Dance of Peace

Dance of Peace

Diné (Navajo) photographer Eugene Tapahe captures healing during a pandemic.

Spring 2021 Issue

In 2020 Eugene D. Tapahe (BFA ’92), a Diné (Navajo) web designer turned fine art photographer, was feeling distressed by the pandemic and an aunt’s death from the virus. Then one night he dreamt he was in Yellowstone National Park, sitting in tall grass and peacefully watching bison when jingle-dress dancers came to the grass and danced, bringing him healing and hope. This dream inspired Tapahe to create Art Heals: The Jingle Dress Project, which encourages peace and resilience. See more at tapahephotography.com.

Side shot of a large bison from its neck up.
Four Native American women stand in traditional clothing in front of the Grand Teton mountains.
Four Native American young women in traditional clothing stand of the Great Salt Lake Salt Flats.