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Stephanie Tripp

Smoke Puppets 1


Puppets Show Health Concepts

These puppet shows teach tobacco avoidance, alcohol avoidance, nutrition, and hygiene.

on a wing and a prayer


On a Wing and a Prayer

In one BYU classroom, students don’t succeed by correctly answering test questions or eloquently arguing an issue.

hearing aid computer chip


The Minds and Ears behind New Hearing-Aid Technology

The tiny computer chip on this finger was developed at BYU and is the main component of a new digital hearing aid.


Working Together to Help Families Stay Together

Caseworkers help the families identify their goals and values through various activities.

From Poor Art Student to Employable Graduate
Spring 1998
Experience gained from BYU in the latest computer design software systems is landing students jobs in big corporations.
The Building Blocks of Reading
Summer 1997
BYU research is clear: parental involvement is critical to reading education.
Researchers Seek to Solve 600-year-old Mystery
Summer 1997
Thomas is seeking to uncover clues in a mystery that began about 1343 when a man, the son of a London vintner, was born.
Student PR Team Squeezes Out Competition
Summer 1997
The members of BYU’s victorious public relations team toast their success with – appropriately – orange juice.
Hunter Law Library Dedicated
Summer 1997
President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Howard W. Hunter Law Library.