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Natalie Sandberg Taylor

battle tested samurai armor shimazu clan


Battle Tested

After Chinese history professor Paul V. Hyer helped an acquaintance on a trip, he came home with a most unusual payment.

food truck round-up


Food Truckin’

It seems like there’s a new food truck every week in Provo. Meet alumni vendors serving mouthwatering meals on wheels.


Running to Remember

Brett Anderson found a way to remember every fallen soldier on the wall of BYU's Memorial Hall.


Experimenting in Africa

Flexing his science know-how, Brent Kamba found ways to make chemistry tangible.

The World’s Oldest Intern
Spring 2014
Advertising professor Doug McKinlay took an unconventional step to help his students excel.
Planting Color
Winter 2014
Nemelka’s tree trunk, discovered in a junkyard, took early four months to get just right.