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Cecil O. Samuelson

A photo of Winston Churchill.


Failure and Success

Failures don't define us, says Cecil O. Samuelson, but our successes can help erase past failures.


A Legacy of Learning

Through years of sacrifice, a private dream became a happy occasion and a lasting legacy.


Appropriate Zeal

When diligence turns to inappropriate zeal, the consequences can be damaging.


A Lifelong Pursuit

Becoming complete is an effort of a lifetime.

Thanks for Giving
Summer 2009
will use donated funds, which we consider sacred, in the most prudent and careful way.
“Stand by My Servant Joseph”
Fall 2005
Celebrating anniversary of Joseph Smith’s birth with a selection of essays, poetry, music, photography, and art.
Outward Expressions of the Inner Self
Spring 2004
Deportment, speech, and dress are external indicators of internal commitment.