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Aimee H. Hansen


Matter of the Mind

After her son suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation, Ramona Hopkins went back to school to discover the answers.

Utah's Quilts


Piecing Together a Quilting Heritage

Carol Morgan’s Persian Snail’s Trail is on display.

Clarence Robison


Healing Flame

Clarence Robison cherishes the experiences he had as an Olympic athlete in 1948 and as a torchbearer for the 2002 Games.


Caring for Kazakhstan

When Kazakhstan came with nothing, BYU saw opportunity to give and share love.

Chinese Lawyers Get BYU Training
Summer 2002
Imagine trying to master basic English, legal English, and the ins and outs of Western law, all at once.
A Mosaic of Talents
Summer 2002
Although years of hard work, long hours, and overwhelming debt are on the horizon, Charis is only optimistic.
A Mural of a Thousand Tales
Summer 2002
A new mural offers an eyeful of color and memorable characters hinting at values found in children's literature.
Small Wonders
Summer 2002
This 4 3/4-inch plane secured a first-place finish for BYU in the endurance event at the 2002 MAV Competition.
It All Adds Up
Summer 2002
The Choose to Give campaign is about teaching philanthropy and building a Zion campus.
Surprisingly Sweet Season
Spring 2002
This game marked the first time the women's basketball team has ever played in the NCAA Sweet 16.
Sliding into Success
Fall 2002
For Dave Jensen, hard work has high payoffs in baseball and in life.
A Bang for BYU’s Buck
Fall 2002
This BYU technology was recently licensed to PYRAmatrix structures, Inc.