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M. Todd Hollingshead


Luke Skywalker Could Sell Twinkies

A BYU study shows that heroes and villains on packaging affects the types of food you buy.


Sweet Medicine

Who would have thought a compound in chocolate could help treat diabetes?


Speeding Up Vaccine Production

BYU researchers hope to make vaccines more readily available internationally.


Stopping CO2 Cold

BYU professor’s “game changer” may be the solution to CO2 emissions.

Count Bites, Cut Pounds
Winter 2016
People who counted and reduced their bites by 20-30% over a month lost four pounds in a recent BYU study.
We’re All Going to Die; DNA End Caps Hint When
Spring 2015
Diabetic Team on Diabetes’ Trail
Summer 2015
Four diabetic students lead the way in researching treatments for type 1 diabetes.
Enrollment Drop Helps Missionaries
Fall 2013
This fall BYU’s overall enrollment is down approximately 10 percent due to the increase in missionaries.
Bad to the Bone
Summer 2013
Supreme Court Mystery Unlocked
Winter 2013
The Biggest Composer You’ve Never Heard Of
Spring 2012
From Bono to David Bowie, reclusive composer La Monte Young has had a remarkable influence on a generation of music.
New Life on South Campus
Winter 2012