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Edward Carter
The Rule of Law
Fall 2005
Thomas Griffith and 13 other BYU alumni apply their wisdom to the problems that come before the U.S. federal courts.
These Steep Woods and Lofty Cliffs
Winter 2015
A formal relationship with the Wordsworth Trust takes hundreds of BYU students each year into the heart of William Words
Revised Edition
Winter 2000
Lifting Off
Summer 2007
The strength of BYU’s undergraduate program is propelling graduates into the upper reaches of academia.
The Dangers of Losing Balance
Winter 2005
Juris Prudence
Spring 2004
The work Hansen learned as a boy in a rural community served him well in law school, where he excelled.
Reading Ancient Stories
Winter 2003
Monuments are valuable records for researchers, like BYU's Stephen D. Houston, who spent 4 summer seasons studying them.
Dishing Out BYU
Summer 2002
Through satellite technology, BYUTV has expanded the university community by millions.
Smart Quotes
Fall 2000
Timp Roberts
Fall 1998