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BYU Magazine’s Top Articles of 2019

A mosaic of images from BYU Magazine articles from the "Best of 2019"

From admissions changes to faith-inspiring devotionals to BYU-themed comic strips, BYU Magazine shared a lot of stories this past year. Here are the 10 most-read articles of 2019:

10. Young’s Picks for Young Readers

Education professor Terrell Young shares his recommended reads for younger readers drawing from his experience as a 2019 Newberry Medal selection committee member.

9. The BYU Launchpad

With a boost from BYU’s top-ranked advertising program, students are blasting off—creating iconic campaigns and landing at the world’s most-respected agencies.

Mayhem, a character from AllState Insurance commercials, wears a black suit and tie and pink sunglasses on his foreheard. He holds a broken phone and has a bruised, scratched face.
Having made Mayhem—an ad character that became a cultural phenomenon—Matt Miller continued on to craft successful campaigns like Secret’s “Mean Stinks” and “Imagine the Possibilites” for Barbie, work that landed on the cover of Time. Mayhem photo by Allstate Insurance/Leo Burnett.

8.Evolution on Display at BYU

BYU addresses the topic of evolution through a new exhibit at the Bean Museum and by hosting workshops to help reconcile science and religion.

7. Thy Troubles to Bless

The magazine’s most-read BYU devotional address of the year reminds us that even during dark days when questions go unanswered, we can find joy and faith.

6. Left-Hand Man

For this NFL coach’s assistant, losing an arm has been a challenge—but never an excuse.

In a red Chiefs sweatshirt, Porter Ellett smiles at the camera.
Photo by Brad Slade

5. Make Your 100 List

The Marriott School expert on living intentionally wants you to make a 100 list. Here are the rules.

A climber crosses a ladder set across a giant crevasse on Everest.
Injured on his Everest descent, Stacy Taniguchi had to crawl across the ladder crevasse crossings. Photo courtesy Stacy Taniguchi.

4. Tile Tales from Galilee

With depictions of Jonah, the Tower of Babel, Noah’s ark, and other stories, a mosaic discovery by BYU researchers gives insight into ancient Jewish art and worship.

3. How We Met

Nationally syndicated Pickles cartoonist and BYU grad Brian Crane created a comic strip just for BYU Magazine that tells about one of Earl and Opal’s first dates that involved a near-disastrous sledding activity.

A three panel comic: The first shows a young grandson leaning over the couch to talk to his grandma and grandpa. He says, “What are you looking at Gramma and Grampa?” Grandma replies, “Old photos.” The second shows Grandma Opal holding an old photo, she explains, “They were taken when Grampa and I first met at BYU.” The third panel has Grandpa Earl looking to his grandson saying, “I was fresh off my mission and didn’t quite know how to act around girls.”

2. 100

BYU professor Stacy Taniguchi is known for his stories. He’s been chased by Masai warriors in Tanzania. Slept in snow caves to survive. Swum through New Zealand caves to see glowing worms. His stories come from intentionally living a life to thrive—complete with a “100 list” that’s always pushing him forward.

Stacy Taniguchi stands before Corona Arch.
In past years, Stacy Taniguchi has taken BYU students rappelling off of Moab’s Corona Arch, seen in the background. Photo by Bradley Slade.

1. Beyond Checkboxes

BYU Admissions changed application requirements to look at prospective students more holistically and to lessen student anxiety.