True Blue

Blue Bloods: BYU Face Masks During Covid

A line of five people wear BYU face masks during COVID. “Nothing’s getting between you and the good stuff!” is said of the leftmost woman wearing a mask called “The Cougartail Inhale,” which has an extension long enough to hold her doughnut. “No beard card required for this mask!” is said of a man wearing “The Brigham Beard,” a mask with a large artificial beard attached to the bottom. The woman in the middle, mumbling incoherently through “The Rise and Shout . . . (and Shout Some More),” is told, “Talk louder! We can’t understand a word you’re saying!” “The Cosmo” describes the mask worn by the next man, but the warning above says, “Acrobatic tricks and dance moves not included!” The rightmost man is wearing a BYU football helmet over a disposable blue face mask. Cougars are invited to wear this mask, called “The Double Face Mask,” “for that extra measure of safety (and look good while doing it!).”
Comic by Aaron M. Taylor (BA '97)

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