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Kristina M. Smith

Y on Y Mountain framed by trees


Coveted Clothing

Check out some of the most sought-after BYU T-shirts—badges of honor that students earn through competition or challenge

A young boy using his pointer fingers to shape his mouth into a smile.


Autism Findings for Families

BYU’s Autism Connect shares three things parents need to know.

Two girls and a boy sporting their shirts with new logos on red rocks in Southeast Utah.


A Brand to Rally Around

Photo of BYU journalism student Kristina Smith.


Taking Flight Through Creation

Journalism student Kristina Smith (’15) won the first-place prize in 2014’s George H. Brimhall Memorial Essay Contest.

Understanding Feminism
Summer 2015
Students filling general education requirements make new connections between feminism and their framework for life.
Linking Families
Summer 2015
Gwilliam is anxiously helping orphaned children find families.