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Coveted Clothing

Check out some of the most sought-after BYU T-shirts—badges of honor that students can earn by clawing through competition or performing personal challenges.

International Cinema

Foreign-film fans can prove their cultured sensibilities with a T-shirt. Watch 10 movies in a semester at BYU’s International Cinema—the world’s largest and longest-running university foreign-film program—to claim a tee. All screenings are free.

Love Your Library

February is national Love-Your-Library Month, and the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL) won’t be neglected. Each Valentine’s Day, hundreds of students join in activities like writing love letters to “Harold” or joining hands to circle the building in a “hug.” The HBLL reciprocates with free T-shirts.

The 200 and the Turkey Clubs

The BYU Bowling & Games Center’s most prestigious shirt goes to those who bowl a 200 or higher. Those who get a turkey (three strikes in a row) can purchase a $3 Turkey Club shirt for proof.

Intramural Champion

“Enter to Win, Go Forth with the Shirt”—the slogan from the 2002 BYU intramural-champions’ T-shirt—reflects a driving goal for many students. The question the intramural office gets all the time: “Can I buy one?” No. But here’s an insider’s tip: students can get one by completing BYU’s semester-long Run for Your Life fitness challenge.

Be You

Five years ago the BYU Women’s Services and Resources Center launched its Recapturing Beauty campaign, awarding shirts to female students who completed a 10-day body-image challenge. Now the center is broadening the popular challenge to both genders with Be You, a campaign with daily tasks such as social-media fasting, exercise, and meditation.

Lazy Man Iron Man

The traditional Ironman triathlon requires a 2.4-mile swim, a 26.2-mile run, and 112 miles on a bicycle—all in one day. The BYU Lazy Man Iron Man makes this feat more attainable—giving students and employees a whole month to complete the feat.

1 of 7: International Cinema. Photo by Brad Slade.
2 of 7: Love Your Library. Photo by Brad Slade.
3 of 7: 200 Club. Photo by Brad Slade.
4 of 7: Turkey Club. Photo by Brad Slade.
5 of 7: Intramural Champion. Photo by Brad Slade.
6 of 7: Be You. Photo by Brad Slade.
7 of 7: Lazy Man Iron Man. Photo by Brad Slade.