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Karen Snow

Lynn Wardle


Law Professor Defends Marriage in Same-Sex Marriage Battle

Lynn Wardle argues that same-sex unions do not provide enough benefits to society to warrant the status of marriage.


Students Contribute to Campaign, Leave a Legacy

Funds will be directed toward the three goals of the capital campaign.

John Hughes


BYU Professor Advises U.N. Leader on Communications and Policy-Making

BYU professor John Hughes attends a press conference with U.N. secretary-general Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

BYU Library Expansion


BYU Digs Into Library Expansion Project

A great library is the heart of a university.

Daily Universe and KBYU String the First Student Multimedia News Service on the Web
Spring 1996
Students from The Daily Universe and KBYU collaborated to create the daily news site @BYU Newsline.
BYU Professor Finds Evidence of Advanced Surgery in Ancient Mummy
Spring 1996
A team of experts examines the mummy in which Griggs discovered a 9-inch iron knee pin.