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Jedidiah A. Flores

A man climbs a ladder.


Mindset Reset

Visiting psychology professor Daniel Southwick answers everything you need to know to develop a growth mindset.

Laptop with a screen that says "Password" and a gold lock on the keyboard.


Identity Police

Professors at BYU develop an identity verification system that can analyze user identities based on keystroke patterns.

Man stands on rocks beside a river with a low-head dam in the background.


Documenting Hidden Dangers

Hotchkiss and his team of BYU students create the first nationwide database cataloguing low-head dams in US rivers.

A smiling BYU gymnast in a blue leotard gives her teammates a high-five.


Soaring Smiles

BYU gymnast Anyssa Alvarado stuck the landing on her senior season, all while living up to her nickname—Smiley.

Winter 2024
A temple panel from the Qing dynasty in the JFSB, telling an important metaphor about the student journey.
Heart to Heart
Winter 2024
A study by a BYU psychology professor uncovered a connection between heart health and social support.
Supporting Rural Teachers
Winter 2024
The 3D-RST project formed to connect and support teachers in rural areas using technology.
Inspired in the Lab
Winter 2024
Chad Pollard and Kelaney Stalker apply epigenetics to projects they are passionate about while working in a BYU lab.
Daughters of God
Winter 2024
BYU student Haylie Chase was called to the Young Women Advisory Council as one of five new young adult board members.