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golden engraved panel
Photo by Bradley Slade

In a quiet alcove inside the Joseph F. Smith Building hangs a panel from the Qing dynasty, a story of Chinese folklore captured in burnished gold. The panel, donated by alum Ronald D. Rosado (BA’70) to the College of Humanities, depicts the famous Dragon Gate atop a waterfall with dragons flying above and carp below.

Carp swimming against the current to pass through the gate transform into dragons—a metaphor used throughout East Asia encouraging students to persevere.

Humanities dean J. Scott Miller (BA’82) urges BYU students to “take hope from alumni whom a BYU education has transformed. Although your student journey may seem like a long struggle, the rewards are well worth it!”

1 of 4: Just as we as humans are all striving to become gods, the dragons strive to reach the jewel of eternal life in this Chinese folktale. Photo by Bradley Slade.
2 of 4: The jewel of eternal life that the dragons strive for is a symbol of lifelong learning. Photo by Bradley Slade.
3 of 4: This temple panel, Scott Miller says, is a “gilded embodiment” of the Chinese belief in the power of education, a value also important at BYU. Photo by Bradley Slade.
4 of 4: Throughout time and culture, education is universally seen as a force to fortify a people. Photo by Bradley Slade