BYU Student Haylie Chase on Young Women Advisory Council
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Photo of a young adult woman holding a Young Women's medallion.
In 2023 BYU student Haylie Chase was called to serve on the Young Women General Advisory Council. Photo by Bradley Slade.

“I just got a call out of the blue,” says Haylie B. Chase (’24), a psychology major who has a passion for the outdoors. She was serving as a home evening group leader in her young single adult ward when, at 22, she became the youngest member of the current Young Women General Advisory Council for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In the spring of 2023, Chase found herself in a sky-scraping office building in Salt Lake City, meeting with a member of the Seventy to receive her calling and be set apart. “I was shocked and overwhelmed,” she says. “I had no idea what the calling even was until five minutes before.”

Chase is one of five young adults recently called to serve on the council and provide a youthful eye. “They are in the perfect position to offer advice, input, and perspective as we counsel together,” says Andrea Muñoz Spannaus, second counselor in the Young Women General Presidency.

Chase’s own experience in the Young Women program was not that long ago. “God is in the details,” Chase says, recalling how the program helped her at times when she struggled to connect with Heavenly Father. 

“He was in those hard times, whether that was . . . a testimony at girl’s camp or an activity that just connected with me.”

“ Haylie glows. She’s full of lightness and excitement for this work.”

Andrea Spannaus

The challenges Chase faced as a young woman connect her to the youth of today, giving her sensitivity to their trials. “It’s been really cool to know that the voices of younger people are being heard,” Chase says. “I feel like I’m advocating for young women.”

During council meetings Chase shares her opinions on what is working for the youth and on areas that might need attention: “They’ll ask us our experience, like, ‘Hey, if you were a young woman a couple years ago, what would you have thought of this? What scripture catches your attention so we can pull the young women in?’”

The council is a close-knit community, says Chase. They send supportive messages and wish each other happy birthday through a group chat shared by the council members. “It feels like there’s a real community, family, with these women,” says Chase. “I’ve seen how much love these women have.”

“Haylie glows,” says Spannaus. “She’s full of lightness and excitement for this work, and she really wants to make a difference.