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Eleanor Cain Adams

A picture of the George Randal Freeze, a slushy red, lime drink


Ever Had a George Randal? This Drink Is All the Rage at BYU

How the soda creation of a U of U alum became the official drink BYU students throw back at sporting events.

Anne Thomas holding a yellow flower next to a green river


In Her Natural Environment

How BYU grad and Gates Cambridge Scholar Anne Thomas will use a little data—and a lot of heart—to save the planet.

Photo of BYU students cheering in the ROC section.


ROCin’ Cougartown

The four game-day traditions that “ROC” BYU sports.

A photo of Tiffany lamps on display.


Tree of Light

The BYU MOA looked GOOOOOD lit up by dozens of $800K Tiffany lamps.

It’s Called Fry Sauce, and Provo Invented It
Spring 2018
Is Mayochup fry sauce? The BYU professor compiling the book on Utah food sets the record straight.
A Comic Mission
Spring 2018
Through the good, the bad, and the funny, this missionary kept her mission journal as a 628-page comic strip.
Eye of the Cougar
Spring 2018
Elijah Bryant nearly gave up. But trial transformed his game.