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Lauren Lethbridge


Minuscule Masterpieces

Just inside the BYU library, miniature patrons admired postage stamp–sized art as part of a Tiny Art Show.


Reading Between Book of Mormon Lines

The Church’s new Book of Mormon Videos relied on a team of BYU religion professors to make educated guesses.


Far-Out Findings

BYU and NASA are reaching deep into space with dust analyzers, rotorcrafts, and computer simulations.


No Lawyer, No Problem

BYU law students create free tools to help people navigate the law and even the scales in areas such as evictions.

Biodegradable Bag
Summer 2019
BYU students created a biodegradable plastic alternative for grocery bags made out of shrimp and fungi parts.
Pulling Her Weight . . . and Then Some
Summer 2019
Jennica Baldridge deadlifted 410 pounds and became BYU’s first-ever female national powerlifting champion.