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Dara Anderson Johnson


Vote Local

Voting in local elections can have major effects on how sensitive local governments are to majority preferences.


Skater Mums

An award-winning BYU capstone film explores resilience from a new angle: mothers who skateboard.


Universal Changes

Starting this fall, the campus newspaper will never be the same.


Endless Knight

A beloved BYU landmark once again fulfills its original purpose.

BYU 2020 Giving Report: Building the Future
Fall 2021
Donations to BYU were at a record high in 2020, providing scholarships and opportunity to students like Savannah Taylor.
Cultivate Your Creativity
Summer 2021
Two BYU professors share their favorite resources to help us develop the important skill of creativity.
Heart of a Champ
Summer 2021
BYU swimmer Josue Dominguez broke three national records for the Dominican Republic. Tokyo Olympics, here he comes!
Sci-Fi in Real Life
Summer 2021
Using tiny particles, lasers, and motion parallax technology, BYU engineers make sci-fi dreams a reality.
Good Night, Night Mode
Summer 2021
Does night mode really help you sleep better? BYU psychology researchers put it to the test.
3 Under 4
Summer 2021
Casey Clinger and Lucas Bons join Doug Padilla as the only three people to ever run a sub-4-minute mile in Utah.