3 Sub-4-Minute Miles Run in Utah, All by BYU Runners
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3 Under 4

In April two BYU runners pulled off a feat that had been done in Utah only once before. Both Casey A. Clinger (’23) and K. Lucas Bons (’25) broke the 4-minute mile at the Robison Invitational. To account for Provo’s altitude, the NCAA would shave off nearly five additional seconds from their times—making Clinger’s and Bons’s finishes even more noteworthy.


Casey Clinger’s finishing time after pulling into the lead in the final 100-meter stretch.


Lucas Bons finished just a step behind Clinger for his second sub-4-minute mile ever.


The year Douglas F. Padilla (BS ’83) ran the first and only previous sub-4-minute mile (3:57.23) in Utah before competing in the Olympics the following year. The BYU track legend was present in April to congratulate Clinger and Bons.

Two BYU runners, Casey Clinger and Lucas Bons, run next to each other on the track with exertion showing on their faces.
Casey Clinger (left) and Lucas Bons (right) finish neck and neck at the Robison Invitational. Photo by Madeline Mortensen.