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Sending Parents Back to School

By Charlene R. Winters, ‘73

AS a school superintendent, Brad K. Barrett, ’69, of Gilbert, Ariz., has noticed that, at all levels, children’s performance is directly related to how much involvement their parents have in their education.

“Parents of kindergarten children have an extreme interest in their children’s lives, but that diminishes over time,” he says. “That shouldn’t happen, and the university level is certainly no time to abandon your involvement in your student’s education. It means a lot at that level.”

Barrett’s interest in parental involvement is evidenced by the position he holds on the BYU Alumni Board: director of the newly formed Parents’ Program. One of his first duties was to oversee the selection of BYU parents to head the program. He chose Lowell K., ’66, and Judy, ’65, Anderson, of Provo, who have several children who attended BYU. The Andersons’ family also includes a current student and a prospective student.

“There are so many things going on at BYU that parents aren’t even aware of,” Judy says. “Some of BYU‘s most successful programs are found in spiritual and cultural areas, and we would like parents to be more informed of all the opportunities and advantages for them and their students. I think many parents would like to be involved, but they don’t know how.”

The Andersons say they have a vision for enhancing parental involvement. The program is just beginning, however, and the specifics will be developed through the alumni board. The Parents’ Program sponsors the annual Parents’ Weekend activity, a three-day event for parents and students in early October with entertainment and cultural and educational activities.

INFO: For more information about Parents’ Program, contact Nancy Carson at 801-422-6748 or