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Giving Back is a Class Act

As the classes of 1949 and 1964 congregated this year for their respective reunions (55-year and 40-year), they also demonstrated their gratitude to their alma mater with generous class gifts.

The class of 1949 has been hard at work raising funds to reach a goal of $100,000. Once the goal has been reached, the $100,000 will be matched with $60,000 from BYU. Together, the $160,000 will be placed in an endowment. Each year the interest collected from the endowment will be presented to a young faculty member who has not achieved tenure. Nominated by college deans and selected by the president and his council, the 1949 Young Faculty Award recipient will be a teacher who shows great promise.

The class of 1964 decided to support one of the president’s stated fund-raising priorities: scholarships through the Annual Fund. Under the theme “$40 for 40 years,” class leaders suggested that donations be made to scholarships in some value related to 40—adding zeros if possible, subtracting them if necessary.

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