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BYU Alumni Chapters: Get Connected

Everywhere they go, BYU alumni are banding together to strengthen each other, serve students, and extend the spirit of the Y.

You’ve heard the tagline—BYU Alumni, Connected for Good. Many of those connections happen through alumni chapters. But just what is an alumni chapter and what does it do? Traditionally, BYU alumni chapters are groups of grads and friends in an area who work together to stay involved with BYU. BYU Alumni now also has chapters based on professions and college units (such as construction management and the College of Nursing). All BYU chapters focus their energies on four areas:

1. Connecting Alumni and Friends

Chapters provide networking, career development, and social activities.

Alums and families gather at the Mile High Cougar run, many wearing matching race tees.
Rocky Mountain High: Cougars and their kin in the Denver BYU Alumni chapter get ready for the sixth annual Mile High Cougar Run, attended by some 250 fans. Photo courtesy BYU Alumni.

2. Serving and Inspiring Students

Chapters connect BYU grads with current and prospective BYU students. BYU alumni mentor students and help them secure internships, jobs, and scholarships.

Students gather in the Hinckley Center with arms outstretched into Ys.
Granted Help: These are just a few of the students assisted by replenishment grants in 2017. Photo courtesy BYU Alumni.

3. Enlarging the Spirit of the Y

Wherever they live, chapter members act as lifelong ambassadors of BYU, serving others and celebrating the good in their communities.

Cosmo and kids in Nashville spin on the merry-go-round.
Taking a Spin: Cosmo the Cougar goes a few rounds with the younger BYU fans who joined with their families at the Nashville chapter’s summer picnic and freshmen send-off party.

4. Giving Back and Paying Forward

Chapter activities raise funds to provide scholarships for hundreds of students each year. Called replenishment grants, these scholarships come with the moral obligation to repay at some point in the future. Students facing challenging situations receive help now and return the favor down the road as they are able. To date, BYU alumni chapters have raised more than $5 million for need-based replenishment grants.

Pre-dental major Walter R. Rodriguez (’18) studies in the library.
Help from Home: In 2016–17 alumni chapters fueled the dreams of 400-plus grateful students, top—like pre-dental major Walter R. Rodriguez (’18)—through replenishment grants. Photo courtesy BYU Alumni.

Learn more about alumni chapters, replenishment grants, and opportunities to serve others at

BYU Alumni Chapters

There are 78 active regional chapters across the United States, along with another 15 professional or interest chapters. Don’t see a chapter for your area or background? You can learn about starting one at

Find Your Chapter:

Every BYU icon on the map below indicates the location of a regional BYU Alumni chapter. Visit the BYU Alumni website to find your chapter.

A map of the mainland U.S. and Alaska with the BYU logo placed everywhere there is a regional BYU alumni chapter