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Alumni Association Names SAA President

Photo of Michelle Gourley

Michelle Gourley. Photo by Todd Michaelis.

During the next year as president of the BYU Student Alumni Association, Michelle Gourley (’06, Pleasant Grove, Utah) hopes to strengthen the connection between current students, alumni, and the university.

“Our goal is to make the students aware that they are alumni and that they will always be connected to the university,” she says. “We are trying to strengthen that connection and build relationships.” Gourley hopes to make more students aware of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and its objectives. As students participate in SAA activities, such as the Take a Cougar to Lunch program, she says, they will be excited to later return to campus and serve students because of the influence alumni had on them during their stay at BYU.

Assisting Gourley are Aaron M. Britton (’06, Bountiful, Utah), vice president of community relations; Julianna Redd (’07, Monticello, Utah), vice president of student/parent relations; Marissa Henneman (’07, Boise, Idaho), vice president of college relations; Brian R. Swendsen (’06, Calgary, Canada), vice president of international relations; and Melissa King (’07, Kaysville, Utah), vice president of student relations.