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A Continental Crossing

Chris and Eve Fee

Eve and Chris Fee

When Californians Eve Evans Fee, ’65, and R. Chris Fee, ’68, started walking for exercise in 1989, they didn’t expect to find themselves knee-deep in the Atlantic Ocean nearly 15 years later, having walked all the way across North America.

When Eve was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1989, her doctor said that walking was the best exercise for her. Eve and Chris began their trek across America in 1992 from San Francisco Bay. Because both were then employed, the couple at first walked segments of the journey during vacations. When they retired in 1996, they dedicated themselves full-time to finishing their goal.

Church callings and service abroad took them away for four years, and bad weather and illnesses slowed their progress. In the summer of 2003, they traveled through Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, and New Hampshire to finish their walk.

Eve recalls, “It was magnificent to finally finish the walk. But looking back, it was the doing of the walk that was the really great part.”