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Nicholas A. Smith


Making Connections in Mexico

Kim and Kevin Wagner sought to help Mexican Church members obtain educational and employment opportunities.


For the Love of the Game

Huxford has been involved with basketball in one way or another for most of her life.

F. Ann Millner


Purple at Heart

After 20 years of loyal service to Weber State University, a BYU alum becomes its 11th president.


Paving the Way to BYU

The Office of School Relations helps prospective BYU students find their way to Provo.

Energetic Emeriti Leader
Winter 2004
The new president of the Emeriti Association, Ruth Jackson, has an impressive résumé.
A Continental Crossing
Winter 2004
When Eve was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1989, her doctor said that walking was the best exercise for her.
Pickled Humor
Fall 2003
Readers of more than 360 newspapers nationwide read about the pickles in which Earl and Opal find themselves.