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2018–19 Faculty Retirees

An aerial photo of BYU campus in the winter.
Photo by Nate Edwards

BYU bids adieu to the following faculty members who retired from the university by September 2019:

Baker, Roger C., mathematics

Brinton, Bonnie, communication disorders

Bullough, Robert V., Jr., teacher education

Boswell, Grant M. (BA ’76), English

Brown, Kendall W. (BA ’73), history

Draper, Thomas W. (BS ’71, MS ’73), family life

Durham, W. Cole, Jr., law

Erickson, Robert G. (BA ’71, PhD ’00), French

Freeborn, Donna S., nursing

Fujiki, Martin, communication disorders

Gibb, Gordon S. (MEd ’88), counseling

Gordon, James D., III (BA ’77), law, assistant to the president for

Harker, Alan R., microbiology

Hawks, Val D. (BS ’80), manufacturing engineering

Holzapfel, Richard N. (BA ’78), Church history and doctrine

Houze, Annick R. (BA ’85, MLS ’88), catalog librarian

King, Gail K., Asian studies librarian

Klein, Ilona, Italian

Kowallis, Bart J. (BS ’77), geological sciences

Lockwood, Gayle Groo (BMu ’67), music

Mabey, Linda B., nursing

Magleby, David B., political science

Meservy, Rayman D. (BS ’74, BS ’77, MAC ’77), information systems

Minert, Roger P. (BA ’77), Church history and doctrine

Moody, Richard A. (BS ’84), Counsel-

Murdoch, Robert G. (MLS ’81), library administration

Peery-Fox, Irene, music

Peterson, Bryan G. (BS ’78, PhD ’83), physics and astronomy

Phillips, Kerk L. (BA ’86), economics

Rees, Lawrence B. (BS ’76), physics and astronomy

Rhoads, Gary K., marketing and

Richards, P. Scott (BS ’81, MA ’83), counseling psychology and special

Roby, Jini Lyman (BS ’77, MSW ’84, MS ’84, JD ’90), social work

Roundy, Bruce A., plant and wildlife sciences

Scharman, Janet S., Counseling and

Snyder, Delys Waite (BA ’78, MA ’90, PhD ’07), English

Stirling, Wynn C., electrical and

Swensen, Dale S. (BA ’78, MLS ’85), law library technical services

Taniguchi, Stacy T. (PhD ’04), experience design and management

Taylor, Russell C. (BA ’70, MLS ’72), library administration

Thompson, Chantal Peron (BA ’70, MA ’72), French

Wakefield, Robert I. (BA ’80, MA ’90), communications

Watabe, Masakazu (BA ’72, MA ’73), Japanese

Wilde, Doran K. (BS ’78), electrical and computer engineering

Woodfield, Scott N. (BS ’75, MS ’78), computer science

York, Neil L. (BA ’73, MA ’75), history

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