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Tad R. Walch


Lu Wallace, Women’s Athletic Administrator

Wallace used her position to provide incredible new opportunities to BYU’s female students.


Lifting a Brother

A BYU professor and his students reach out to help redeem a troubled neighbor.

Stephen Tanner


Reading for Truth

A bookworm of the highest order, Stephen Tanner has spent a lifetime culling meaning from literary works.

Brent Strong


Plastic Man

Do you know why a milk carton stands up, while a plastic bag of milk flops over? This guy does.

Solving The Fear of All Sums
Spring 2003
BYU’s Jacqueline Taylor Voyles is a mathematics crusader on a mission to subtract fear from math-hating students.
Robert J. Howell: Professor of Psychology
Summer 1996
Howell's national reputation has led to well over 1,000 appearances in court since 1949.
George D. Nelson: Associate Professor of Theatre Film
Winter 1996
George Nelson helps reform young criminals by teaching them in a way they like to be taught – through theatre.