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Melissa M. Larrocha Osorio

A heat map with markers on each of the areas where BYU Learning Suite was most commonly logged into.


When COVID-19 Struck

A winter semester like no other—with events canceled, classes online, grading adjusted, and social lives disrupted.

Five books stacked vertically, with the book on the right leaning diagonally to the left.


Tales from Quarantine

Looking for some new reads during quarantine? BYU professors suggest these books to escape the world for a moment.

A yellow note written by a teacher to praise a student for good behavior. It says, "You are really creating a super habit of being on time!"


Q&A: The Power of Praise

Sticky notes come in clutch for a BYU professor. He’s learned praise is one of the best tools to help improve behavior.

A smiling Deborah O. Himes wearing a lined button-shirt and blue cardigan, with reading glasses atop her head.


When Cancer Is Part of the Family

A BYU professor shares why relatives of cancer patients are missing crucial knowledge about their own cancer risk.

Nothing Gold Can Stay
Spring 2020
A student won the David M. Kennedy Center’s annual photo contest for capturing the Múlafossur Waterfall.