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Joseph Hadfield


Cause of Migraines Found

Bates published research that identifies mutations in a gene that make people more susceptible to migraine headaches.


Women Speak Up Less When They’re Outnumbered

Unique perspective may be lost as a result of social circumstance, says new BYU research.

College Material
Summer 2010
BYU mentor helps Utah Latinos reach for higher education.
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Spring 2010
Sugar + Weed Killer = Energy
Winter 2010
Retired Chemistry professor Gerald Watt and his BYU colleagues have found a new way to generate electricity from sugar.
Mr. Ice Guy
Fall 2009
A BYU professor became an expert on earth’s stores of ice, the sentinels of climate change.
Olympic Trials
Summer 2008
With pain in her past, runner Kassi Andersen is focused on the hurdles ahead of her.
Pornography Mismatch: Studying Acceptance Nationwide
Spring 2008