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Winning in a Losing World

Ryan Benson
Ryan Benson

When people call Ryan C. Benson (BA ’93) a big loser, he says, “Thank you.” Crowned the most successful weight-loss competitor on NBC‘s reality show The Biggest Loser, Benson edged out 11 others and snagged $250,000 by losing 122 pounds in 24 weeks.

Benson had constantly battled his weight, which ultimately peaked at 330 pounds. Only in his mid-30s, Benson had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and suffered extensive back problems.

On the show, Benson had a rigorous diet, and a typical training day included several hours of cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Now back at work, Benson can’t give that kind of time to a fitness program, but he still works out six days a week, and he is keeping to a careful eating plan.

“If I even think about getting a chili cheese dog, I think, What if somebody saw the biggest loser wolfing down a hot dog?”

To combat childhood obesity, Benson is now producing a children’s health and fitness show.