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Something Different on a Weeknight

In the empty Varsity Theater Jordan F. Faux, ’06, and Ken Shin, ’07, attempt to hook up a video game system to project onto the movie screen. While Faux and Shin may seem like errant freshmen, they are actually members of the recently formed Student Activities Board (SAB) preparing for yet another Thursday night in the Wilkinson Student Center.

The SAB sponsors events on Wednesday and Thursday nights in the WSC. “We’re here to provide fun, wholesome activities for students during the week,” says Faux. “We sponsor events where students can come and meet new people, have fun, and learn new skills.”

Founded fall semester, the SAB was the brainchild of James L. Slaughter, ’89, director of campus life, events, and services. “I saw a need for some different types of regular activities in this building on some evenings that may not be as busy like Wednesday and Thursday evenings,” he explains. “I wanted to set up a group to give more students an opportunity to be involved here on campus. We have close to 30,000 students on campus, so there are certainly plenty of students and not enough opportunities to be involved.”

The board focuses on activities that can be held in the Wilkinson Student Center. “We’re trying to make the Wilk a fun place to hang out all the time,” says Faux. “Most of our activities only last an hour or an hour-and-a-half, so it’s kind of nice to walk across Brigham Square from the library and take a break for a little while and do something out of the ordinary. Then you can go back to the books again.”

Events have included a showing of the movie It Came from Outer Space in the Varsity Theater, performances by Acoustic Explosion and Acappellooza in the Traditions Lounge, the dating games “Last Man Standing” and “Dating Derby,” a storytelling night, and, of course, the video game tournament. “Our success fall semester was the screening of Baptists at Our Barbecue,” says Shin. “A lot of people showed up, had fun, and participated in a question and answer session afterwards.”

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