Remembering LaVell Edwards: Tributes from Past Players
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Remembering LaVell Edwards

A throwback photo of legendary coach LaVell Edwards posing in front of the field that would bear his name.
Photo by Mark Philbrick

As word spread of the passing of former BYU football coach R. LaVell Edwards (EdD ’78) on Dec. 29, past players offered tributes for the coaching legend. Here are three:

Thomas A. Holmoe (BS ’83, MS ’95), BYU athletic director

“LaVell had a pure heart. He was the dream coach of every parent. His example will forever be with me, and I will strive to live a life of love as he always did.”

Steve Young (BA ’84, JD ’94), ESPN analyst

“The no. 1 quality that Coach had was a gift . . . to see things that you didn’t see, to see potential in you that you didn’t know about. . . . He was like Johnny Appleseed, just spreading seeds of goodwill and positivity” (ESPN interview).

Trevor A. Matich (’84), ESPN analyst

“He made [his team] better players . . . , but more than that, he made them better husbands, better fathers, better men. That’s the trophy—that’s the legacy of  LaVell Edwards” (ESPN interview).