Adam Koford Shares a Memory in Comic Form of BYU Shenanigans
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Planting Seeds

(Section 1 of 4) A comic titled "Planting Seeds" by Adam Koford. First planel shows the silhouette of two men walking into the Tanner Building underneath Y Mountain at BYU; text reads, "Twenty Years ago, my brother and I would often walk through the Tanner Building together on our way to classes on campus." Second panel shows the same two men with a lightbulb above their heads; text reads, "We devised a game to pass the time. Step one was to come up with a ridiculous claim."
(Section 2 of 4) A comic panel shows two men walking down a hallway past a doorway labelled "Copy Center" with a surprised person inside; text reads, "Step two was to utter it loudly as we passed a room with an open door. Like so . . . " One of the men says, "Just 4,000 balloons to go and the Jeep should be airborne." The next panel continues with the same two men walking past another door; text reads, "Or:" and the other man says, "I only got 20 minutes of sleep last night! My robot butler kept malfunctioning."
(Section 3 of 4) A comic continues with the two men walking by an open office showing a confused man inside. One of the men says, "Another 30 feet and the tunnel will just about reach the bank vault next to my apartment." The next panel shows two women eating lunch, confused as they overhear the two men say, "My x-ray glasses are almost perfected, but the prototypes keep catching fire." A third panel shows a man washing his hands in the bathroom with a confused face as he overhears, "A first date is too soon to tell someone you were raised by penguins." Fourth panel shows the two men smiling about the confusion they are causing. Text bubbles from the hall read, "?!" and "Ha Ha!" Text in the panel reads, "Sometimes we'd wait to see if we'd achieved the desired reaction." Fifth panel shows a girl saying, "hmm . . . " as the two men pass by the hallway; text reads, "I'd like to think that by now our little game has inspired one of those enterprising students."
(Section 4 of 4) A comic shows a grown-up version of the woman in the last panel of section 3. She stands by a robot holding a trophy, being interviewed by a newscaster. The newscaster says, "You've just been named inventor of the year. What do you have to say?" The woman responds, "I'd like to thank those two nameless weirdos who inspired me to create RoboButler 3000."

Feline Funnies

Raised, as he says, on “a steady diet of newspaper comics, children’s books, and animated cartoons,” Adam D. Koford (BFA ’00) straddles past and future comic traditions in his work. For 11 years he created Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, a webcomic that harks back to classics like Pogo, Peanuts, and Krazy Kat. The tale of two hobo cats won a book introduction from comedian John Hodgman, who called it “a perfect tweaking of the Internet that [Koford] makes his home, filtered through his own encyclopedic nostalgia for the comics form.”

Koford says “there are still [cartooning] opportunities if you can keep your wits about you. I remember wondering what . . . fun things I’d be drawing when I got older. I still wonder that.”

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